100PCS KN95 Face Mask Disposable Masks Respirator Anti-Bacteria K N95

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This virus has made us understand the struggles of others who are fighting against this deadly virus. The dangers of it and how quickly and easily it can spread. We recently were able to get our hands on a good number of medical masks and medical supplies.

 Although we are a computer company at heart, we felt in a time of crisis like this that we can help out. With our donations to Goodwill, our local Hospital, Fire depts., and police stations, we hope that more and more people can get their hands on these masks. We want to help as many people as we can who need these masks. If you or know of anyone who is seeking or needing these masks, please head over to our website for purchasing inquiries.


100% Brand New and High Quality

KN95 disposable mask, made of good quality material, covering the mouth and nose, prevents the drops from spreading. The mask can not only protect it from airborne particles and contamination, but also makes it comfortable to wear. Practical safety masks designed for domestic and professional use.


【KN95 disposable mask】 KN95 disposable mask, sanitary and convenient for use.

【Multiple layer and superior quality】 internal hydrophilic layer + filter layer + hydrophobic layer. Made of high quality material, safe, soft and comfortable.

【Prevent drop and 95% Filtration】 By mouth and nose and prevent the drops from spreading? Simple steps to wear. Effectively protect against your dust infection, especially when you are outdoors.

【One size fits all】 elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and sizes.

【Wide application】 domestic and professional use, perfect for daily use, outdoor activities.


White color

Material: non-woven fabric

Standard: GB2626-2006 KN95

Protection class: KN95

Filtering rate: ≥ 95% (0.075μm particles)