5 Pack 3M 9010CN N95 Disposable Face mask Mouth Nose Cover KN95 NIOSH Approved

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The 3M mask comes directly from the 3M agent and guarantees the original authentic. If the quantity you buy is not the quantity of the whole bag(50pcs), the goods received will not have the original packaging.Masks sold are not refundable.

-Product packaging:50PCS/BOX

3M 9010CN: Headband TYPE.

Product Usage

It can be used to protect non-oily particles generated during grinding, cutting, bagging, welding, casting, etc., or in construction, mining, wood processing, electronics, pharmaceutical, metal manufacturing, etc.

This mask can help reduce respiratory exposure to certain microbial particles in the air such as mold, Bacillus anthracis, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Recommended Applications:

Dust, smoke, such as dust and smoke from assembly, cleaning, dismantling, equipment maintenance, grinding, machining, grinding, welding, etc.; also for the protection of smog and pathogenic microorganisms;

Recommended industries: mining, locomotives, construction, food and beverage, maintenance and repair, transportation, etc.