10pcs 3M 9001 KN90 Dust Masks Respirator Anti-dust PM2.5 Protective Face Mask

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The 3M mask comes directly from the 3M agent and guarantees the original authentic. If the quantity you buy is not the quantity of the whole bag(50pcs), the goods received will not have the original packaging.Masks sold are not refundable.

Material: Activated Carbon & Cotton
Size: Universal
Color: white
Purpose: protection of PM2.5,dust, pollen, industrial dust, cement dust, haze, microorganisms and other non-oily particulate matter
Storage conditions:
Maximum humidity: <85%;
temperature range:-17°C ~ +32°C
Using the occasion:
1. place to live. Urban pollution, vehicle exhaust, fog and haze.
2. workplace. Workshops, construction sites, pesticide spraying, interior decoration, electric welding.